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List of Badges


Ever wondered what badges are in your book

and how to earn them? Here they are.

If they are blank, doesn't mean I don't know.

It means they are literally blank for future badges.

Happy Badge Hunting!

Also, here are the following of the list of

Hidden Trainers in Wizard101.

Sabrina GreenStar in The Commons
Mortis in Nightside
Mildred Farseer in Colossus Blvd (Dispels)
Croaky in Digmoore Station

For Myth Wizards, to get your Master of Monsters badge,

you must learn all spells from the hidden secret shop in the Oasis, Krokotopia.

You will find the trainer named Tish'Mah on the rooftop of the secret shop.

For Balance Wizards, to get your Master of Balance badge,

you must learn all spells from the Balance tree, Niles, in Krokosphinx.


No Title Depends on your Wizard's Current Level 
Golem Tower Champion Completion of Golem Tower and the defeat of Iron Golem 
Unicorn Way Hero Completion of all Unicorn Way main quests 
Three Streets Savior Completion of Cyclops Lane, Triton Ave, Firecat Alley Quests 
Master DiplomatCompletion of Colossus Blvd Quests 
Wizard City Protector Defeat of Lord Nightshade 
Gobbler Chaser Defeat 25 Gobblers 


Gobbler Catcher Defeat 50 Gobblers 
Gobbler Gobbler 

Defeat 100 Gobblers 

Savior of Wizard City Completion of all Wizard City quests 
Wizard City Explorer Completion of Zeke's Smiths quest 
Sunken City Survivor Completion of Sunken City 
Krok Thrasher Defeat 50 Krokotopians 
Krok Hunter Defeat 100 Krokotopians 



Krok Slayer Defeat 200 Krokotopians 
Junior ArcheologistCompletion of Pyramid of the Sun quests
Krokopsphinx Delver Completion of Krokosphinx quests 
Tomb Raider Completion of Tomb of Storms (excluding Tomb of the Beguiler) 
Order of the Fang Complete the Krokosphinx's main quests
Hero of KrokotopiaDefeat Krokopatra in Temple of Storms 
Master of the Oasis   Complete all Krokotopia's quests




Krokotopia ExplorerComplete Zeke's Beetles quest 
Secret Shopper Enter Krok's Secret Shop 5 times 
Mander Savior Defeat Ngozi the Beguiler in the Tomb of the Beguiler 
Mastermind Complete Big Ben and Defeat Meowiarty 
Hero of Marleybone Complete all quests in MB except Kensington Park 
Honorary Detective Complete all of Officer McRuff's quests 
Aeronaut Ride all Balloons in Digmoore Station 


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Member of the Watch Complete all Scotland Yard's quests 
Honorary Engineer Defeat Meowiarty and hand in the quest "Bad News" 
Marleybone Explorer Complete Zeke's Stray Cat quests 
Smogger Smasher Defeat Smogger in Katzenstein's Lab 
Cat Curtailer Defeat 100 Cats 
Cat Herder Defeat 250 Cats 
Meow Master Defeat 400 Cats 



Crusher CrusherDefeat Spike the Crusher in Big Ben 
Machine Master Defeat Stoker in Kensington Park 
Rat Catcher Defeat 50 Rats 
Rat Trapper Defeat 100 Rats 
Pied Piper Defeat 200 Rats 
Oni Slayer Defeat Jade Oni in Jade Palace 
Emerald Champion Complete all Mooshu quests 


Mooshu Explorer Complete Zeke's Blue Oyster Cult 
The Purifier Defeat Plague Oni. Complete all quests in Shoshun Village, Cave of Solitude, Kishibe Village and Shirataki Temple. 
Peacemaker Defeat War Oni. Complete all quests in Hamestu Village, Takakai Outpost and Crimson Fields. 
Spiritwalker Defeat Death Oni. Complete all quests in Yoshihito Temple, Burial Ancient Grounds, Village of Sorrow and Tree of Life.
Sword Saint Defeat Youkai at Tree of Life 
Ninja Hunter Defeat 100 Ninja Pigs 
Ninja Slayer Defeat 250 Ninja Pigs 




Nightstalker Defeat 400 Ninja Pigs 
Ronin Hunter Defeat 50 Samoorai 
Yojimbo Defeat 100 Samoorai 
Samurai Defeat 200 Samoorai 
Dragonspyre Master Complete all Dragonspyre quests
Ghostbuster Complete all main & side quests in Necropolis, The Drake Hatchery and the Labyrinth. 
Loremaster Complete all main & side quests in the Athenium, Tower Archives, Plaza of Conquests and Grand Chasm. 



Dragonrider Complete all main & side quests in Draonspyre Academy (including The Final Countdown) 
Draconian Slayer Defeat 50 Draconians 
Draconian Bane Defeat 100 Draconians 
Draconian Master Defeat 200 Draconians 
Savor of the Spiral Complete the Final Countdown quest and Defeat Malistaire 
Dragonspyre Explorer Complete Zeke's Stone Rose Quest 
Master of Fire Learn all Fire Spells (from your teacher, hidden trainers and Fire Tree. Also from Death Tree in Nightside)




Master Of Ice 

Get all Ice spells from your teacher, hidden trainers and Ice tree

Also spells from Death Tree in Nightside

Master Of Storm 

Get all Stormspells from your teacher, hidden trainers and Storm tree

Also spells from Death Tree in Nightside

Master Of Myth  Get all Myth spells from your teacher, hidden trainers and Myth tree and from secret trainer on the rooftop of the Secret Shop in Krok.

Also spells from Death Tree in Nightside

Master Of Life 

Get all Life spells from your teacher, hidden trainers and Life tree

Also spells from Death Tree in Nightside

Master Of Death 

Get all Death spells from your teacher and hidden trainers

Also spells from Death Tree in Nightside

Master Of Balance 

Get all Balance spells from your teacher, hidden trainers and Balance tree

Also spells from Death Tree in Nightside


Spider Squisher Defeat 50 Spiders 
Web Cutter Defeat 100 Spiders 
Chittin Crusher Defeat 250 Spiders 
Spider Bane Defeat 500 Spiders 
Giant Hunter Defeat 50 Giants 
Giant Smasher Defeat 100 Giants 



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Blood of the Giants Defeat 350 Giants
Undead Stalker Defeat 50 Undead 
Undead Hunter Defeat 100 Undead 
Undead Conquerer Defeat 500 Undead 
Undead Crusader Defeat 1000 Undead 
Undead Slayer Defeat 2000 Undead 
Golem Breaker Defeat 50 Golems 



Golem DestroyerDefeat 200 Golems 
Technomancer Defeat 500 Golems
Bookworm Finish Boris Tallstaff's Wizard City Library quests from "History of Magic" to "Trip to the Library" quest in Krok. 
?? ??? 
?? ??? 



?? ?? 
Elemental DispellerDefeat 50 Elementals 
Elemental BanisherDefeat 250 Elementals 
ElementalistDefeat 500 Elementals 
Novice CrafterComplete all WC Quests for Eudora Tangletree 
Apprentice CrafterComplete all Krok Quests for Wul'yahm 
Initiate CrafterComplete all MB Quests for Felicia Worthington 




Adept Crafter Complete all MS Quests for Toshio 
Master Artisan Complete all DS Quests for Balthazar Dragonthorn 
Grandmaster Crafter Complete all CL Quests for Pierce Stanton
Spiral GeographerComplete all Main and Side Quests in CL
Shark Catcher Defeat 50 Sharks 
Shark Fisher Defeat 100 Sharks 
Shark Jumper Defeat 200 Sharks 



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Crab Chaser Defeat 50 Crabs 
Crab Tackler Defeat 100 Crabs 
Crab Angler Defeat 200 Crabs 
Master Angler Defeat 200 Crabs and Sharks 
?? ?? 
Celestian ExplorerComplete Zeke's Lounge Lizard Quest
Grizzleheim Explorer Completion of Zeke's Yardbirds Quest 




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Bear Bouncer Defeat 50 Bears
Bear BlasterDefeat 100 Bears
UnbearableDefeat 200 Bears
Bird WatcherDefeat 50 Ravens
Bird BeguilerDefeat 100 Ravens
Bird Is The WordDefeat 200 Ravens
Nordic ChampionFinished all Grizzleheim's Quests








Wintertusk ExplorerCompleted Zeke's Trogg Quest for Wintertusk
Hero of GrizzleheimDefeat 100 Bears
Briskbreeze ChampionDefeat the Briskbreeze Tower; Colossus Blvd, Wizard City
Triton Underwater HeroComplete Crab Alley; Triton Avenue, Wizard City
Waterworks WarriorComplete Waterworks; Triton Avenue, Wizard City
A+ StudentComplete Wysteria's Main Quest Storyline
Hero of Pegasus PlaceCompleted all main and sides for Pegasus Place; Wysteria



  PAGE 19




Wysteria ExplorerComplete Zeke's Wallflower Quest for Wysteria
Liberator of the HelephantDefeat the Tower of the Helephant; Pegasus Place, Wysteria
Plant LiberatorDefeat 50 Plants
Plant PurifierDefeat 100 Plants
Weed WhackerDefeat 200 Plants
Goblin SmasherDefeat 50 Goblins
Goblin GobblerDefeat 100 Goblins





Napoleon ComplexDefeat 250 Goblins
Lion LeaperDefeat 50 Lions
Lion TamerDefeat 100 Lions
Ruler of the JungleDefeat 250 Lions
Elephant TrackerDefeat 50 Elephants






Hero of ZafariaCompleted Zafaria Main Storyline
Zafarian ExplorerComplete Zeke's Quest
Legendary ArtisanComplete Legendary Artisan Quest
Weirwood WalkerDefeat 50 Deer
?? DeerDefeat 100 Dear
?? DeerDefeat 200 Dear
Presser of FroudlingsDefeat 50 Froundlings





Fiend of the FroundlingsDefeat 100 Froundlings
?? FroundlingsDefeat 200 Froundlings
Knight Errant
Knight of the Wyrd
Knight of the Silver Rose 




Avalon ExplorerCompleted Zeke Quest
Hero of AvalonComplete Avalon Main Storyline
















PVP Title Depends on what your current PvP Title is
Gardener TitleDepends on what your Gardening level is at
Pet Derby Title Depends on what your current Pet Derby Title is 
One In A MillionMake a One Million Hit on an Enemy


Bear Bouncer Defeat 50 Bears

Defeat 100 Bears

Defeat 200 Bears
Bird WatcherDefeat 50 Ravens
Bird BeguilerDefeat 100 Ravens
Bird Is The WordDefeat 200 Ravens
Nordic ChampionFinished all Grizzleheim's Ques

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